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Online Marketing

Is your business lacking an online presence?
Whether it be with Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), or Pay Per Click (PPC),
Skillful Antics can help you get noticed.

The Marketing Packages

You haven’t heard? We’re not surprised; what company wants to share their secrets with others?  Let us explain to you what we’re doing behind the successful brands in our portfolio.

Every company is different, and if you would like a custom solution; our team is happy to come and meet you at your location anywhere in the world. But to get an idea of what we do – check out the marketing plans.

Tailored Maintenance Plans

Skillful Antics offers affordable maintenance plans. Consider us your “on-call” marketing team. Anything you need, we will give you unrivaled concierge service.

Online Marketing

A maintenance plan is a great place to start to test the water for your small business. We write fresh & original content, work through monthly SEO techniques, manage your social media pages, and more.

The Maintenace Plan

Get everything you need to jumpstart your website & online marketing strategy. Here are just a few of the many things we do every month.

Search Engine Optimization

Skillful Antics focuses on small business SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, first! We want to help your company rise to the top of search engine results. This is why we will spend hours each month into keyword strategy, density, off-site listings, and more!

Social Media Marketing

We are going to take your business in social media marketing to another level with multiple weekly postings to engage your audience on the top four platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Google+). This way you get the most relative content to stay in front of your clients social feeds.

Content Marketing

Did you know that companies that blog have 97% more indexed links? That means the more fresh & relative content you produce the more search engines are going to rank your site high. Using your specific topics and keywords, each month we’ll create a unique blog article that can be used to generate more website traffic.

Email Marketing

We want to help you attract and retain business. We will use the unique content we create each month to promote your business through email marketing. Skillful Antics will engage your clients and interact with them on your website and social media sites to help grow your contact list. Email marketing yields an average of 4,300% on investment.

Website Updates

Need to swap a photo? How about change some text? We will teach you how to do this at every website launch; but we will also make any changes you need through-out the month. Just ring the bell for service and we’ll jump too it with most update completed same day!

Great SEO Takes Time And Research.

Some agencies “guarantee” top search engine results using black hat techniques that will quickly get your site blacklisted. Or we have seen some real crap (excuse that) efforts for lower costs. Don’t be subject to the seamers and scammers trying to take advantage. Read our SEO costs article here for a better idea of industry trends.

See Some Of The Results.

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It’s time to be known online.

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