Should Your Email Address Should Match Your Domain Name

Should Go for an Email Address that Matches Your Domain Name?

Unfortunately in the business world, many people do not seem to care whether or not the email address they use matches their domain name. However, Skillful Antics is ready to help you understand why it is crucial to use an email that corresponds to your domain. Read on to discover why the two should match.

A domain name makes a small business more credible

With a domain name, a small business looks more professional when it has an email address matching its domain. Studies show that customers contacting the manager or employee whose official email address matches the domain feel more confident because they are convinced that things are being handled with a degree of professionalism. Everywhere we turn, there is another reason to be leery of users on the internet. Therefore, a business must do what it takes to convince the customers that it deserves their trust. Establishing a professional link between your company, your employees, and your customers is the first step.

A domain shows that you are thinking forward

When a business has a domain name and emails with the domain as the host, your core customers feel that you are part of the digital revolution. It shows them that you are up-to-date with emerging technology. As such, it puts you ahead of your competitors who could still be grappling with analog methods of advertising and customer care.

Another bonus is that it shields your company name from being used by your rivals. You do not want someone else registering a domain name that is similar to your business name because it then risks the infringement of your products. Using your domain name shields your identity from others.

Having a domain and email of your own makes it easier for people to locate and remember you.

At the end of the day, business owners know that word of mouth is the most effective and inexpensive way to grow your business. Having your email and domain address the same allows an easy-to-remember link between the two. When your email comes into their inbox, the world begins to notice that, by using the tail-end of your email address, they can link directly to your website.

Help your customers remember your company and put a front of professionalism and confidence linking your email to your domain name.  Have a few questions? Want to get started? Send an email to ben [at] and start the conversation.

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