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We are building websites in less than 30 days that look better and load faster than anyone else in the industry at the lowest price.

You can have it better, faster, and cheaper.


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Great news. No more huge upfront fees. Don’t pay $15,000+ for a website that takes 6 months to build. You’re smarter than that. Launch in less than 30 days will save you time and money.


We are specialists when it comes to WordPress. Increase your leads and sales with a new website.
WordPress Web Design >


Chances are, your website is not ADA Compliant. Right now most of the laws and policies refer to WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) as the requirements to follow.
ADA Web Design >


Selling online? We’ll build your store, teach you how it works, and turn your business into an e-commerce business.


Have a new idea? Let’s add it. We offer fully customized solutions for your website like chat widgets, review captures, and more. Learn More >


We offer the fastest hosting on the internet. Your site speed will be unmatched, secure, and up-to-date forever. Learn More >


This means that your website will adapt and look great on all browsers (desktop, tablet, mobile).

What Plan Is Best For You?

Our pricing, upfront. Why? Because we respect you.
…and our compeitors are so far behind they will never catch up.

Hosting Only
$99per month
  • SSL Certificate
  • Fastest Page Speeds
  • Plugin Updates
  • Security & Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Crisis Resolution
$119per month
  • Hosting Included +
  • $249 One-Time Setup
  • Professional Design
  • 3 Pages
  • Mobile Friendly
  • On-Page SEO
  • 2 Stock Images
$299per month
  • Everything In Business +
  • $499 One-Time Setup
  • Professional Design
  • 11 Pages
  • E-Commerce
  • 1 Hour Updates
  • 5 Stock Images

Need Something Different?

Fully customized sites are avaiable as well. Simply reach out or schedule a meeting and we’ll be happy to discuss your next project

Every Website Includes:

No matter which package you choose,
you will always receive these awesome features!

Premium Website

The premium website is a must for every successful business these days. Your website will be top notch and hand designed to make your medical office and patients happy!

Mobile / Responsive Website

It is imperative these days that your website is easily accessed across mobile devices. Your website will be designed responsive and guaranteed to work across phones, tablets, and desktops.

Secure Web Hosting

Our secure web hosting is fast, secure, and top notch! With an uptime of 99.9% your patients will always find what they need and know how to contact you.

Advanced Form Builder

Build advanced forms with our integrated form builder. Utilize conditional logic, multi form field types, notifications, and best of all, checkout and email list add-ons.

Search Engine Optimization

Skillful Antics designs from the ground up with Search Engine Optimization in mind. Each website, down to the code, is search engine friendly to help your website achieve top search results!

Social Profile Integration

We help you engage your audience by rebranding your social media presence like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Google+ and integrate your pages on your website.

Website Dashboard

You are in control. Have access to users, content, analytic data, and more in your easy to use website dashboard.

Expert Consulting

Have a technical question about your website? We have an understandable answer. Our professional team is ready to help walk you through SEO, better industry practices, and more so you get the most bang for your buck!

Graphic / Web Updates

Each month we will spend time creating a new design piece or website updates like adding photos, videos, updating text, etc. for your office!

Wait, There Is More!

All Plans Include:
Core Software & Security Updates • 99.9% Hosting Uptime! • 30 Days of Backups

Skillful Antics VS. Competitors


Skillful Antics


Large Agency


One Man Team


Mobile Friendly YES $6000+ NO
Hosting YES $50+/m NO
On-Site SEO YES $200+/page NO
Advanced Plugins YES $500+ each NO
Editing Freedom YES NO YES
Stock Images YES 50+ each NO
Updates YES $150+/hour $75+/hour
Time To Build 2-4 weeks 8+ months Always In Progress

Frequently Asked Questions:

You have questions, we have the answers!

Lots of factors determine website launch speed, like your responsiveness and number of revisions. But typically a website takes about 3-4 weeks on average if all content is ready to go.

There really isn’t a template. We start each website with a blank canvas. There are better practices we like to use as a jumping-off point (navigation, image placement, etc.) but everything can be adjusted.

No problem there. We can migrate the site onto our hosting and choose whichever plan you would like. We’ll use the upfront fee to then work through your on-site SEO, optimize images, etc. to get maximum site speeds!

We can probably handle it. We’ve built many custom addons for clients and all you need to do is let us know what you are thinking about and we can provide a custom quote.

Most business owners are tight on time. We’ll build your website for you, keep it updates, fix any problems, etc. that a site-builder platform can’t do. We also include and can customize a lot more elements than one would be able to with a generic site-builder.

Yes, we have a few different addons to choose from. Take a look and see what you would like to addon to your website build!

It’s yours. You keep it. You own it. It’s always yours. We’ll just need you (or we can) update a DNS record when you’re ready to launch. Super easy, super fast.

You don’t have hosting like this. We’re 4-8x faster than any shared hosting platform you might have. Take a look at the difference here: Managed Hosting. But most companies offer a closing period and you may even be able to get a refund.

Yes. It’s very simple. Actually, if you scroll down a little on this page you’ll see an easy questionnaire where you can begin!

Great question. Let’s be honest, if you called any other creative agency like ours, they may not even meet with you without a deposit. Websites are expensive when done correctly. Lots of time a freelancer or someone will offer to build your website as their side project – but they miss all the details when it comes to SEO < and that times time and experience.

A typical website costs between $5,000 – $10,000, and if you go into a large city like NYC, Orlando, LA, etc. it might run up to $30,000+ that takes almost a year to complete. You don’t need that.

We build beautiful websites that are focused on converting visitors that are clean, simple, user friendly, and launched within a few weeks. We keep a low overhead, we work fast and perfectly, and by doing this we’re able to offer amazing websites for less than $1000 upfront!

We’ve heard that before. But we like to say, “Get It For Free, Pay Twice.”  Instead of going with a low budget freelancer side project or a do-it-yourself, you’ll spend more in the long run for a site that isn’t optimized, doesn’t convert, and gives you headaches.

The reason we can offer a great price and provide outstanding results is that over the last 10 +years we have perfected the balance between what you need and what your visitors want. With specific elements in place, we’re able to build an amazingly beautiful website with precision speed without wasting time and resources on fixing errors, communication issues, etc.

You’re going to love this. We have no contract. You’re free to cancel or move anytime, and here’s how you do it.

Option 1: Any reputable developer can “scrape” your content, images, pages, etc., and re-build your site on their platform typically without a charge (since it’s already been done by us). We need a 30-day notice, and you’re good to go. Any premium plugins, widgets, and software add-ons that require a license fee that we’re including are canceled (and you can renew at your convenience).

Option 2: For a quicker, more seamless move, we’re happy to collect your entire website in one easy package for a one-time fee of $594. When you have your site instance set up (WordPress), we can migrate the site for you, included in the cost. However, keep in mind that any premium plugins, widgets, and software add-ons that require a license fee that we’re including are canceled (and you can renew at your convenience).

We are in the business of making friends, not enemies, and you’ve never been held, hostage. Big Smiles!

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