Terms & Conditions

  • Communication – Skillful Antics will do our best to provide status updates, open communication, and problem solving for the duration of the project to one (1) lead contact person who will serve as a project manager. This person needs authority to facilitate all project-related decisions, approvals, and requests. He or she understands the role and assumes responsibility of the essential success of the project.
  • The Finished Product – The website, if paid upfront, at the completion of the project, is yours. You may alter it as you would like. However, you may not sell or distribute the programming and design files to third parties.
  • Browser Differences – Each browser used to access the internet behaves in a certain way, whether it be Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. Skillful Antics will do our best to present a finished product working flawlessly across all current browsers.
  • Better Industry Practices – Skillful Antics will use HTML and CSS best practices and white hat procedures, and will anticipate current security vulnerabilities. Skillful Antics will not be held liable for future industry updates, changes, and vulnerabilities; however, with a security and update package, your website will have the most advanced and current security in place.
  • Changes to Agreement – Anything not discussed in the agreed upon proposal may incur hourly charges. If the project has been left inactive by you for more than 60 days, it will be considered abandoned and subject to payment in full. You will be billed in accordance with the terms detailed in this project.
  • Design & Usability – Your typefaces, color schemes, and marks will be utilized, if possible, through the entire design process. We will not use Flash elements if possible to ensure the best indexing and search engine optimization opportunity.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Skillful Antics makes no guarantees as to the rankings on search engines. We will do our best to optimize your website and adjust necessary measures to comply with search engine changing algorithms. We will never use black hat techniques that can result in website internet banning.