Secure, Managed WordPress Hosting

A website is a major asset that every business today should have. Make sure that you seek dependable WordPress hosting as you establish a website for your enterprise. There are many hosting companies around the world but Skillful Antics is the best one today. We facilitate all the conditions that you require in web hosting. These include high loading speed, consistent updating, and backup as well as supreme Security and Monitoring.

Offering Secure WordPress Hosting

  • Lightning-fast server loading speed: Every website is hosted on a server. At Skillful Antics, our servers load in less than 1.4 seconds. This is eight times quicker than regular shared hosting. To accomplish this, we implement the industry’s best caching methodology. We also provide your website’s material through a Content Delivery Network (CDN). All these conditions work together to make sure that your website is as quick as possible.
  • Impregnable security: After the security experts at Skillful Antics are done securing your website, it will be as secure as a bank! We implement SSL encryption on every web page. We also implement defenses against brute force spamming, DDoS protection, and firewalls too. In addition to that, we also apply automatic malware scanning. Together, these elements make sure that your website and any content entered there are fully secure!
  • Frequent, consistent backups: At Skillful Antics, we back up your whole website every single day! We also update your database and plugins on a monthly basis. During this time, we clear any bulk that is unnecessary and also give you a full report. In this way, we make sure that the most recent version of your website is live at all times!

As you seek to host your website, look no further than Skillful Antics. We have all the WordPress Hosting latest technologies for Security and Monitoring. We also have the policies and procedures that are required for hosting a modern site.  Book an appointment with us today!

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