South Lake Chamber of Commerce

The South Lake Chamber of Commerce reached out to Skillful Antics to create their new and refined website! revamped in a new direction!The South Lake Chamber of Commerce began in the early days of the City of Clermont. Comprised of local citizens, the Board of Trade took charge of all city improvements; anything from road repairs to raising money to purchase a fire truck. Today, the chamber serves to create and maintain an environment where business and community will prosper.

The Chamber’s old website was missing a lot of content and was behind in terms of design. Starting from scratch with a new framework and new designs, Skillful Antics rebuilt the site and made it a much more modern design.

Skillful Antics is ready to help your chamber or business! Of course, we can build great websites, but did you know we can also manage your Facebook & Twitter, create online ads, and help you stand out to your potential clients? Contact Skillful Antics today for more information, and let Skillful Antics help you get noticed with a new website and other print material.






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