black whiteboard wednesday

WBW: Black Whiteboard

Today’s Whiteboard Wednesday is brought to you by: Black Whiteboard

We all have our fun on April Fools Day – how about turning a whiteboard black in the Skillful Antics offices.  And yes – we did have to go and purchase new dry ease markers.  So what’s the deal with April Fools Day? Our friends at Mashable have a few ideas you could try around your office.

For those without the time or energy to go all-out, there are plenty of quick pranks that require only a few supplies to throw together. Just don’t expect to be forgiven before at least mid-April.

While you are reading up on some office pranks, take a moment and consider new print and identity packages from Skillful Antics! Whether you are in need of a new logo, corporate identity, flyers, or other print material – we are ready to help!

Print Design in Clermont, Florida

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