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WBW: Tax Day

Today’s Whiteboard Wednesday is brought to you by: Tax Day

You might be asking yourself, wait Skillful Antics supports Tax Day? Well…I can say that we contribute to tax day. However, when it comes to April 15, 2015 – there are a couple good things.  USA Today recently published an article making mention of certain restaurants giving away freebies! How about that! Here is a snippet of what they said:

Reality: Tax Day is for eating — often for free, or at a fat discount. That, at least, is what more than a half-dozen of the more familiar names in Food Land want you to think. They are turning April 15 into an annual eat freebie — or almost free — fest. Although it doesn’t have the size and scope of Veterans Day or Mother’s Day free food promotions, it’s getting there.

Although Skillful Antics doesn’t offer free food, what we will do is discount any item or service purchased today only at 20% OFF. Consider 20% OFF a set of business cards, online marketing services, or even a complete web development package!

Video Post Production in Clermont, Florida

Thinking about where to cash in that 20% OFF? How multimedia services like a commercial, youtube video, or teaser reel? Contact Skillful Antics today to learn how to get some stellar footage!

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