zentangle whiteboard wednesday

WBW: Zentangle

Today’s Whiteboard Wednesday is brought to you by: Zentangle

What in the world is Zentangle? This week’s Whiteboard Wednesday art has been crafted by Kiana Lin from Skillful Antics! Check out the zentangle artwork and the next time you get a free moment, head on over to WikiHow and create your own zentangle.  This is what they have to say:

A Zentangle is an abstract drawing created using repetitive patterns according to the trademarked Zentangle Method. True Zentangles are always created on 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) square tiles, and they are always done in black ink on white paper. The invention of the Zentangle was intended to make the act of drawing pleasurable, meditative and accessible to all.

Skillful Antics: Website Cost Estimator

While you are taking a break from Zentangles, consider trying our website cost estimator! Easily estimate the price of your next website or online marketing project at your convenience. Have questions or want to talk to a real person? Contact Skillful Antics to learn more how we can help with your website and online marketing project!

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