Amazing Website Addons

Skillful Antics, renowned for its amazing website builds, is one of the top preferred website design and maintenance companies by marketing experts across the world. To add to our list of amazing services, we offering easy-to-use website add-ons! These add-ons will help your site stand out from your competition by adding features once only available to larger big-budget companies.

Chatbox & Calendars

Website add-ons like Chatbox and Calendar provided by the Skillful Antics assure user-friendly operation to the site visitors.

The calendar addon provided on the site allows the website users to mark the highlighted events on sites. 24/7 customer service is one of the best-preferred criteria by clients across the world. And the Chatbox option offers an easier communication facility with the team members of the service.

Adding Pages & Content

Need to add a new page? Add unlimited web pages to your website for just $89 each! Small businesses can easily stand out in search results by adding pages to their website. Need help with content? We can write that too! We can provide the company additional blog articles written for your company with 400 words for just $89 per month.

More Add-Ons?

Various add-on services like location addon, client portal, and marketing addon icons can make the site more user-friendly in operation. It can not only retain the existing customers in businesses but can also gain more new customers to businesses.

If you would like to discuss your next project or have some questions about our services, go ahead and schedule a time on our calendar to chat!

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