nfc review card

The Best Way To Collect Reviews

Reviews are the easiest way to put a stamp of approval on your brand. Captures honest and authentic can skyrocket your business into the next season of earnings! We’ll be honest – we have not been doing a great job at this – but it’s all about to change and we want to help you along the way!

Why Collect Reviews

  • 7 Reviews To Convert A Sale: A study by BrightLocal found that people read an average of 7 reviews before deciding to trust a business!
  • Longer = Less: You can have fewer reviews if they are longer in length. However, you’ll need more reviews if they are shorter.
  • Negative Is Okay: A study published by Northwestern University shows that customers are more likely to buy when a company has 4.5 rather than a 5.0 rating!

How To Collect Reviews

Timing is Everything! Typically the local business owner needs to collect the review before their client leaves the store. This will save you time, effort, and headaches. And we have the solution.

nfc review card

NFC Review Cards

Easily collect reviews by using an NFC Review Card! See the demo video below! Easily have your guest scan their phone on your review card and pull up your review page or Google review listing!


  • Custom Designed Plastic Business Card (like a credit card)
  • Instant Results Right On Your Customers Phone
  • Newest Technology Everyone Will Want To Test
  • Custom QR Code for fallback.

Order Your NFC Review Card Today!

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