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Custom Name Logos

You may have noticed recently our custom name logos. So what is the deal?

Why Custom Name Lettering?

When purchasing a website, we have found that small business who are just starting (1) Need a website and (2) a little leary to get started. Makes sense to us; the web design industry is not very regulated (meaning anyone could become a web developer) has led to a surplus of freelancers (some good) and scammers that don’t know what they are doing and taking advantage of people.

We often get asked the question, what is it like working with Skillful Antics. We typically have a pretty good answer (we’re honest, we’re fast, we charge what we need not what we can get, we bend over backward, we always want the client to feel they got the better deal, etc.) Considering the client is the lifeblood of Skillful Antics, we treat them like that! But sometimes seeing is believing, and we understand that too.

For those that want to test the waters without a large upfront commitment, we’re offering something we’ve never done before. The opportunity to see how fast and at what quality we operate by creating a custom design piece outside of our hourly rate!

Unique TikTok Name Logos

Have you noticed the TikTok trend recently regarding name logos? It’s when you take all the letters of your first name and create a custom logo. Each name logo is different and creates a personalized and unique icon just for you! See the gallery above and below for a better idea. We did each of those and should give you a better idea!

Right now we’re selling a customize name logo for under $10.00. Our turn around time is less than 24 hours and it’s 100% customized. You let us know your favorite color and something fun about you and we’ll design something completely unique – like a fingerprint. This should give you a brief sample of what it is like working with Skillful Antics on upcoming projects. (If we treat you with this much dedication for something under $10.00, imagine how we’ll treat you within a web design project?) And we do this because we don’t prioritize the money over the relationship.

Relationship Over Business

This might sound like a no brainer but think about it. How many companies out there prioritize money over people?  As I tell my kids, “people are more important than things.” And that is the practice we have with Skillful Antics as well. So whether you would like to give us a go and jump all in, let’s start your next web design project today, or start slow and test the waters with an Etsy Name Logo, it’s okay with us!

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