Keyword Monitoring (Included With Hosting)

SEO Ranking is a big part of any business. Most agencies charge a high premium to report this information to their clients. Now, included in our hosting package, we are giving you FREE keyword ranking statistics!  So, let’s learn more.

What Is Keyword Ranking and Why Do I Need It?

The Skillful Antics SEO tool provides you an easy way to value your website online marketing performance. Simply send us 3-5 keywords you would like to monitor, and each month we report back the key metrics in one place. We can also show you your main competitors without hunting them down yourself.

Our SEO tool will give you a timeline of how you rank, better or worse, and tracks your ranking position.

What Should I Know About Keyword Monitoring?

  • Keyword Monitoring takes us seconds and we give it free on our monthly reports included in your hosting plan.
  • You can track up to 100 keywords. We include up to 5 for FREE.
  • You’ll see your rankings improve, stay the same, or get worse.
  • Are you on the first page of search engines? You’ll know from our report each month.
  • We can help you find your competitors.

You get all that and more inside your monthly reporting package each month. On the 10th of each month, we will email your analytic data, plugin and database update information, backup data information, optimization information, and now – keyword monitoring info! Hurray!

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s included in every Hosting Plan! Is that great or what? No extra charge, no setup fee, no hidden surprises, nothing. Let’s begin getting your site online today. Already a client? Contact us and tell us how we can make it work for you!

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