YQA: How Difficult is it to Create a Website?

Is it difficult to create a website? Excellent Question. When it comes to creating a professional website, designers must use both artistic talent and computer technology skills. There are 3 fundamentals of website design that should be considered to ensure that your website is effective. Those fundamentals are: design, or the look and appeal of…
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YQA: Why Choose Skillful Antics?

Skillful Antics will change how you view web design companies. When it comes to website design, there are many questions that need to be answered when selecting the right company for the job. Besides practicing due diligence and examining a web designer’s portfolio, you should also view their references and get an idea of the…
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YQA: How Much Does A Website Cost

The Costs of a Website Asking how much it costs to build and maintain a website is like asking how much it costs to own a car. It’s definitely a fair question, but the price of owning a website can vary considerably and is difficult to gauge. You may imagine that the bulk of the…
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YQA: Why Do I Need A Website

Why Does My Company Need A Website? In this era of advanced technology, it should be unheard of for a business to operate without an online presence. This is irrespective of the size of the business; both small and big business ventures ought to have a website. A website is an integral part of the…
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InfoGraphic for Drive For Men’s Health

Recently Skillful Antics created an awesome infographic for the team at Drive For Men’s Health. During the 10 day campaign and specifically the 24 hour event day, Skillful Antics created online advertisements, PPC campaigns, Facebook and Twitter ads, and more for the group.  After the event, we compiled all the information together and created an…
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