PHP 7.4 Is Now Available

Building and creating a fast and optimized WordPress website is no easy task. Especially when one is focused on security first! But here is one simple step that can prove immediate results! Update your website to the most up-to-date version of Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP).

At Skillful Antics, we are working hard to make sure all sites hosted on our platform have the latest versions of PHP. As soon as the necessary testing is complete we upgrade all of the sites to the latest version of PHP.

What Can You Expect?

Last year when PHP 7.3 was made available we noticed a 15% decrease in processing time across the board. We expect more of the same with the update to PHP 7.4. Meaning you will expect to see a faster and more secure website.

php versions

Most Hosting platforms will not automatically update your website to the most up-to-date PHP version. This results in slower page load speeds (that you are penalized in Google Search Results) and security vulnerabilities. If you are not hosting with Skillful Antics, it’s not too late. Not only every site we are hosting has been updated, but every new site we build is currently hosted on the newest most secure technology.

Hosting With Skillful Antics

Did you know that a 2-second delay in page response can result in an 87% drop in page visitors? That means if an e-commerce site making $500/day, a 2-second delay can potentially cost $23,725/year.

What we saw after updated our sites from PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.3 is a 10% increase in website speed. As we monitor the latest speed tests after updating to PHP 7.4 we’ll keep you posted on the results.

Learn more about the costs and what is included in every website hosting package!

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