Is Skillful Antics a Threat to a Big Fish?

Looks like Skillful Antics is getting noticed by some competitors in Orlando.

Since our launch in 2008, Skillful Antics Web Design Company has been on the rise and partnering with clients in many fields. We have worked with artists, entrepreneurs, authors, nonprofits, medical offices, small and large businesses… you name it! Local competitors and even web developers from the big city (Orlando) have begun making note of us by maligning Skillful Antics with some online defamation as we continue to offer competitive rates and excellent service. Skillful Antics consistently beats competitors’ bids and offers clients a fair price for an excellent product. Because your satisfaction, success, and continuing business are very important to us, we will always do our best to serve you!

What Skillful Antics Does Best!

At Skillful Antics, we continue to learn and adapt in the ever-changing field of web design. We are always doing more research to make sure your site is fresh, current, and effective. This year, we did research in order to build responsive websites specially formatted for mobile devices. See the new Family Jewelry and Pawn Website for an example! Responsive sites are becoming increasingly important as more and more web users are working from a phone or tablet. We also learned how to incorporate parallax scrolling, a “new frontier” in web design, to make websites really stand out! Parallax scrolling offers site users page depth, animation, and enjoyable interactive viewing. Working with Skillful Antics, you are guaranteed the latest techniques, low prices and fast service – in fact, we work through the night to exceed your expectations!

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