Whiteboard Wednesday Snowball Fights

WBW: SnowBall Fights

Today’s Whiteboard Wednesday is brought to you by: Snowball Fights

Skillful Antics is here to inform you that the Snowball Fight can be fought all year round. In the office, we have a refrigerator that produces snow! Anyone can easily scrape the snow out of our freezer and have a mini-snowball fight at any time.  However, if you want less mess, perhaps try the Anytime Snowball from Think Geek. They say this:

There’s nothing that beats a good snowball fight… if you’re on the winning side. Pelting your friends or family members with spheres of cold, packed snow. Hiding behind your snow fort with your stash of snow-ammo. Getting slush down someone’s neck. Mwah ha ha! And in the end, whether you win or lose, you get to go inside and drink hot cocoa with marshmallows.

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