YQA: How Much Time Does it Take To Create A Website

How Much Time Should I Expect A Website Design Time To Take?

The time we take to complete a website depends on the design and the kind of website you want. Between 50% and 70% of the time it takes to create the website is dedicated to communicating with a client. This includes the time it takes for the client and the designer to exchange specifications for the website. Details handled in the communication time include reviewing the standard approval procedures when creating a website such as layout approval, testing functions and links, text proofreading, log in procedures, and more. The client, if possible, provides the exact texts, photos, and media to include in the website, which will limit the amount of time spent on communication.

Development Time

Developing a website then takes about 30-50% of the total allotted time. Activities that account for this time include setting the host servers, adding content and features, design layout, setting up the domain name, and technical assessment and testing of the website.

If, for example, a website is projected to take 20 hours to complete, it does not mean that the site will be up and running within a week. The web experts must estimate the hours to be spent on the project on a daily basis. They must also include time for consultations between themselves and the client. In other words, Skillful Antics can complete a 20 hour website building project within a few business days if:

  • Communication time is minimized
  • The client provides all the details needed at the initial stages
  • The design experts exclusively devote 8 hours each day on developing the client’s website
  • All tool and interactive features function properly during the first technical testing
  • The designer receives immediate approval to go live upon completion

However, realistically the minimum time needed to complete creating a website ranges from two weeks to four weeks (14-30 business days). This is the time it takes to complete a starter and business package offered by Skillful Antics. To know how long it will take to complete yours, feel free to contact us through our website or visit our offices in Clermont, Fl.

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