YQA: How Much Does A Website Cost

The Costs of a Website

Asking how much it costs to build and maintain a website is like asking how much it costs to own a car. It’s definitely a fair question, but the price of owning a website can vary considerably and is difficult to gauge.

You may imagine that the bulk of the costs would be in coding and designing the website, and in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s you would be right. In 2014 this is no longer the case, although the costs are actually about the same to build a website today as they were 15 years ago. Currently about 50% of a website’s budget goes towards design tasks, and the remainder of the budget should go towards marketing the website so it builds a client base and makes money.

Basic Website Price

For under $1,000, you can get a website that will generally be designed and developed meeting your expectations. For that cost, the website will be simple, but user friendly and easy to maintain.

Business Website Price

For the price of $1,000 to $2,500 you can expect your business website to be marketed well. You should expect a higher quality of design, and expect a more customized look in general. Social media services such as Facebook and Twitter can also be created and maintained!

E-Commerce Website Price

If you spend above $2,500, for the most part you can expect to sit back and have your website built and marketed for your business. You can expect a blog, a solid design, as well as social media integration, as well as the ability to sell digital and physical products online!

Other Large Firms Competing with Skillful Antics Pricing

Larger firms will over similar products to the prices above but charge numbers like $10,000 and $20,000. For this price, you should expect to be catered to at every whim as well as receiving a special gift like a Rolex, a brick of gold, and perhaps Christmas cards each year.

Choosing Skillful Antics

When buying a website package, it’s very important to know what features and services you’ll be receiving beforehand. Skillful antics is honest and open with all pricing. It’s also important to work with a reputable agency you trust and has good reviews. Check out our testimonials and contact us for more information!

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