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40% Faster Websites – No Extra Cost!

Today we are happy to announce that our hosting partners and Skillful Antics one of the first web development and hosting companies to adopt Google Cloud Platform’s newest infrastructure! With this new technology that was released backed in April of this year, we are able to provide up to 40% faster performance. That’s faster than any other WordPress hosting platforms! Google has published a rollout schedule and we will be aligning our updates for most user-friendly update experience.

Did you know that a 2-second delay in page response can result in an 87% drop in page visitors? That means if an e-commerce site making $500/day, a 2-second delay can potentially cost $23,725/year. With these new speed increases, consider the amount of financial gain companies that host with Skillful Antics gain?

What Should You Do?

  • Nothing! If you are a hosting client with Skillful Antics you do not need to do anything. As the updates to this new infrastructure begin, there will not be any downtime, extra cost, etc.
  • We will work closely with our hosting partners and team to make sure that as soon as we are able to update your website’s environment, we will and schedule the upgrade into production.

Skillful Antics Hosting Plans

Do you host with us? If not, what are you waiting for? Have you heard that not only do we offer the fastest WordPress Managed hosting around, but we include dozens of things others just simply do not? Those include Seamless Migration, Plugin and Database Updates, Security – Monitoring – Reporting, Crisis Resolution, GEO IP, and Keyword Monitoring!

Learn more and Continue with new (fastest) hosting today.

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