Skillful Antics Supporting Drive For Men’s Health

Skillful Antics is joining the Drive For Men’s Health team on the road for 10 days this June! Here are some behind-the-scenes tips that we learned while planning a 10-day, 6,000 mile live-streaming road trip across the United States.

Be Organized!

The Drive for Men’s Health team keeps organized by using Google Drive. We easily share files, event locations, times, contact info for local organizers and news crews to create a seamless experience during the 10 day trip as well as the months of planning beforehand.

Industry Support

Many times, ego gets in the way of a successful plan. The Drive For Men’s Health team has carefully chosen vetted vendors like Skillful Antics, The DJ Doctor, Media Source, and others that are able to work together and provide open communication. These efforts ultimately create a cohesive environment that allows all companies to plan and execute a massive media campaign, strategize stop locations and events, and produce digital and physical assets (video, promo material, etc.).

drive for men's health tesla
Passionate Leaders

Without the fire and passion of Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt and Dr. Sijo Parekattil, the Drive For Men’s Health would simply be adequate. However, these two visionaries put their heart and soul into the organization, creating an environment of positivity, motivation, and big dreams. Each year for three years now, the national drive has grown bigger and better. This year we are traveling from Clermont, Florida to New York City to Los Angeles, stopping in major US cities along the way.

Get Involved

Each location stop with be filled with live musicians and entertainers, medical experts, giveaways, and much more! Join Skillful Antics and the Drive For Men’s Health team at any of the locations listed on their website and, of course, contact us to not only learn more about the drive but how we can help your online marketing and web development efforts!

drive for men's heath Dr. Nandy

(Photography by Skillful Antics)

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