Skillful Antics™ Trademarked

We thought it was about time we covered our tracks and protected our name. Since opening Skillful Antics™ in 2009, we have constantly delivered a superior product at a lower price than our competitors in order to help small growing businesses! We choose to trademark our company for a few reasons.

1. Communication Tool

In a single moment, a ™ symbol can quickly distinguish your brand apart from other companies. If you’re interested in reshaping your brand and identity, ask us how and how to trademark your company’s image!

2. Adds Value & Is Easy To Find

In this world, there are two great things that help when hunting for a service or product. Value & Location. You need to establish that your company offers a value above your competition and that it is easier to find that value. Skillful Antics™ can not only help your company stand out to your potential customers, but apart from your competition by offering award winning web development and online marketing services!

3. Never Expire

The last thing you or Skillful Antics™ wants is someone to offer a subpar service with a similar name and confusing the market. The great thing about a trademark is that they never expire as long as you continue using it and keep it registered. When you are looking into digital marketing for your company, don’t settle for an overnight company – but one that as been around for years and offers a value above the rest.

Contact Skillful Antics™ to learn more how we can help your brand and identity stand out by offering industry leading web development and online marketing services!

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