Updating Your Website With Fresh Content

It’s something that you hear often when it comes to your website: Fresh Content. At Skillful Antics, we know the importance of updated content, which is why we take the time to share. So, what is fresh content, exactly, and what does it actually do for your online presence?

How To Update Your Website

Firstly, what is content? Content is the information that makes up your website: Your text pages and blog articles specifically. Since your content can be – and often is – the first source of information for your business, it is critical that you craft it intentionally. Simply filling the page with text is not enough. Your content has to be about your services, your business, your goals, etc. It also plays a role in how search engines catalog your website. This is where updating your content becomes more important.

Benefits of Fresh Updated Content

When search engines “look” through your website, they scan through your content, picking up on what the page is about and any keywords so they can determine the relevance to searches. By creating fresh content and using keywords that are descriptive of your work, business, or goals, you are adding more information to your website and giving search engines a better chance to correctly catalog it as relevant. The more information, the better for your website.

Additionally, creating and adding content to your website regularly has other benefits. Not only does new content gain the attention of search engines, but it also can gain more attention from potential clients. When a website has content updated, interested parties are more likely to visit the site, and – with increased posts comes increased traffic. People want to see new things, not read the same information over and over. If you give them that change in your content, the interest will grow.

How to Start Updating Your Website

If you have any questions about your website or creating new content, contact Skillful Antics! We are a locally based web design company that also works with clients on SEO and Online Marketing. Visit our website today for more information or to get in touch!

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